Utilizing vast experience, knowledge of a wide range of manufacturing expertise and the ability to combine these resources in to identifiable results is what makes Microteq Engineering, Inc unique.  Microteq uses right tool for the right job, analyzes results, compares results with accepted appropriate codes and provides the client with answers to tough manufacturing questions.

We specialize in broad range of workmanship and fabrications.  Our expertise and professionalism allows us to offer our customers the very best in the trade.  Our experienced personnel take pride in providing service.  We have a highly trained team who are dedicated to maintaining our high standards and we have built up our excellent reputation.  We have gained an enviable reputation for prompt, efficient, high quality and competitive service.  All of our products are subjected to stringent quality control procedures, across every stage of the manufacturing process, to final dispatch and delivery.

Microteq Engineering's manufacturing know-how and experience allows us to engage challenging jobs in a broad range of industries, which makes us more versatile company.  Company has fully equipped machine shop enabling us to carry out virtually any manufacturing or repair operation-in-house.  We have capabilities to work with metals, alloys, plastics, etc.  We are truly a single source for a full line of product need.  We are focused on you, the customer, and committed to your satisfaction.