1) What type of work does Microteq Engineering do?

a)    CNC and Manual turning / milling 
b)    Sheet metal punching / forming / rolling
c)    All types of welding - all most all metals and alloys
d)    Grinding / Saw cutting
f)     Spray painting
g)    Cable and Wire harness / assemblies
h)    Electrical and Mechanical assemblies

2) What does Microteq Engineering manufacture?

a)    Machined parts, both production & prototype

b)    Mechanical assemblies
c)    Dies & fixtures
d)    Hydraulic Cylinders
e)    Sheet metal fabrication
f)    Metal ladders 
g)   And many more parts / components 

Including all materials and castings
3) Does Microteq Engineering have a quality control system in place?

Yes, Microteq is  ISO9001-2008 Certified.  (Please see Quality tab for detail MIL SPEC list) 

4) Can Microteq Engineering help in emergencies?

Yes, our employees are well trained and dedicated to help when and where, as needed.

5) Where are Microteq Engineering's customers located?

Most of our customers are located in
USA, some of them are in Europe, Asia and Australia. (around the globe)


6) Are manufacturing consulting services available from Microteq?

Yes, we are very experienced in all areas of  manufacturing and related services.


7) Is Microteq Engineering able to work with computer drawings & blue prints?

Yes, we are able to use most file types and convert many others. We are able to machine from 3D models.


8) How do we get help from Microteq and who do we call with questions?

You have many options: Phone, Email or Quote thru the web page.  Right person will response.