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Welcome to the Internet home of Microteq Engineering, Inc.  A small business with full service Manufacturing capabilities, located in San Antonio, Texas.  Our focus has been defense technology, the Company has manufactured and supplied a broad range of parts and systems.  Microteq serves all branches of U.S. military, major aerospace, Semiconductor and Oil industry.


Our goal is to respond quickly to customers´┐Ż needs.  Our highly-trained staff of engineers, technical specialists and  managers offers our clients a wide variety of  production, manufacturing and assembly services.


Microteq strives to provide quality products and services and stands behind them, invest in innovation and new market opportunities, and leverage existing core defense support.  We have implemented an aggressive strategy for growth, focused on aligning the Company with the Department of Defense's needs, building strategic alliances with other companies in the U.S. to further grow the business. By our market reach and partnering with industry leaders on critical programs, Microteq expects to remain well positioned as a vibrant, small business.  Explore our site and find out what we can do for you!!!