Microteq Engineering, Inc. utilizes advance technologies to manufacture and assemble products for following industries- Defense, Aerospace, Semiconductor and Oil industry.  We offer priority driven solution to our customer’s need: quality, reliability, and cost optimization.  Our specialized experience and knowledge allows us to work with our customers from the feasibility concept, design & manufacturing to field testing.  We work with our customers very closely until the goal is reached; in short we provide support from “concept to completion”.  Our team will work with you in selecting the right material and process, solving your failure problems, or providing the right surface for wear or corrosion application.  We believe that a product manufactured by proper design, correct material and quality will be the most cost effective approach for our customers.  We utilize proven technology transfer methodology from one industry to the other and in the process provide the best solution to all our customers in following industries:



Microteq is setup to machine, fabricate, assemble and supply various agencies of DOD:  

  • Department of Air Force / Air Force Materiel Command
  • Defense Supply Center: Columbus / Richmond / Philadelphia
  • Subcontractor for prime contractors: US / Foreign Entities

We comply with DOD’s: Manufacturing / QRA / SPEC / Packaging / Labeling / Tag (RFID + UID) / Shipping / Billing, etc.  We are prepared to supply items under these key FSC (Federal Supply Class), but are not limited to:                                                                        


















































As we prime contractor to DoD, supporting Aerospace industry is a natural extension of our capabilities.  We continue to meet and exceed our customer's requirement in this industry too.  We have the know-how and the experience to support small to large projects for them.



To meet global Semiconductor competition, US Semiconductor industry continues to reduce cost and minimizes consumable inventory.  Microteq is positioned to address both: reduced cost of consumables, as a second source to OEM suppliers and quick turn around with replacement parts in support of inventory reduction.  We have the ability to do precision machining of "process chamber" components and replacement parts.  Our products improve yields and productivity.  We also provide support to Facility Manufacturing by fabricating and assembling systems.  We are setup to provide key manufacturing services to nanomanufacturing technology in Semiconductor industry, inclusive of Solar Photovoltaic technology development and manufacturing.  Our goal is advancement of nanomanufacturing technology to improve the way people live globally.

Oil Industry:


We support our customers in oil industry for their domestic and global need.  We provide efficient and economic, yet quality driven product and service.  We deliver highest level support to all our customers in all the industry we support.  We thrive to exceed our customer's requirement in all the industry we support, oil industry is not an exception.  We maintain a highly trained stuff / personnel dedicated to serving our Customer's needs.  Our specialists are available to provide production planning, product selection, material selection, computer-generated drawing, budget estimates, inventory support and just-in-time delivery.


To all:

There is no single solution to your need or problem, however we will help you choose the right one to meet your engineering / manufacturing / quality / cost / application!!!