Our Quality Policy:

As part of our on-going company improvement, we have successfully implemented a Quality Management system that meets the requirements.

All of our employees are responsible for the quality of their work, and recognize their part in understanding and satisfying our customers' requirements. This is achieved by:

Adopting an attitude that each and every product or activity is completed by: doing the right things; doing them right way; doing them right every time; doing them on time.

Ensuring an ongoing commitment to quality and quality improvement by all employees along with adherence to our safety policy.

Ensuring service and technical backup to customers is responsive, courteous and timely to meet their needs.

Quality Control:

Our Inspection Procedures & Equipment are of the highest caliber. All of our equipments are calibrated in accordance with MIL-STD-45662. From receiving to shipping all our operations are in accordance with MIL-I-45208.

Specs we follow:

Manufacturing: Approved U.S. Government Supplier
MIL-I-45208 Inspection System Requirements
ANSI/NCSL Z540-I Calibration System Requirements
MIL-STD-2073 Packaging Requirements
MIL-STD-129/130 Marking Requirements
ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 Sampling Procedures
MIL-STD-2000 Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies (Technique)
MIL-F-14256 Soldering Flux
QQ-S-571 Solder
MIL-I-46508 Insulation Compound
MIL-STD-1686, MIL-HDBK-263, ESD Control Program
♦ MIL-E-17555 Packaging, Electronics Assemblies

♦ ISO 9001:2008 Certified